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September 21, 2018

Elizabeth Mallers 
Co-host of The Mouse Knows Best Podcast.  I am a full service travel agent with Destinations to Explore. I am a graduate of Disney's College of Knowledge .  I love planning Disney vacations, talking about Disney and writing about Disney on different blogs and Web sites. 
I fell in love with Disney World as a little girl and have continued to visit again and again.  I have been to Disney as a little girl, in my 20's with friends, pregnant (Yes, it's possible to have fun at Disney World while pregnant), with a small child, and with a child with severe food allergies. I believe Walt Disney World is fun at any age! 
I grew up going to Disney and it's something I have continued to do so with my own family. We love creating memories as a family in the Happiest Place on Earth!  
If you would like to follow my love of all things Disney, you can find me at:

Co-Host. Hi! I'm Jenn from Atlanta, Georgia. .
I have been visiting Walt Disney World since my first visit in 1977 at the age of 3. Happily married to a fellow Disney Fanatic for 21 years, we now have a 13 year old daughter who also loves Disney! Like she had a choice. We are Annual Passholders and try to fit in as many trips as we can. We have even been known to book a hotel and drive out on a Friday as soon as the kiddo gets off the bus and then come back home on Sunday. We are crazy and we love it! I love Disney History and trivia!
You can find me on Twitter and Facebook at JennLovesDisney or on Instagram at JenniferLovesDisney.

Heyo! I’m Justin and I live in Nashville, TN! My first visit to WDW was in the mid 1980’s and I’ve been intrigued and addicted to Disney stuff all of my life whether it’s Disney Parks and history, Disney movies, or the Disney video games they have released over the years. My favorite thing to do at WDW is Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. When I’m not watching a YouTube or Periscope of Illuminations or Happily Ever After, I’m usually sitting somewhere humming music from the Haunted Mansion, Horizons/Carousel of Progress, or Pirates of the Caribbean. I watched Wishes for nearly it’s last 50 days in its existence thanks to Periscope!

I take my family to Walt Disney World every year and I love sharing the magic with my two boys. Before we even get home they ask when we are going again.

My wife shares my untethered addiction to all things Disney and we even have an entire room in our house dedicated to all of our Disney memorabilia, trip pictures, and my ridiculously large collection of Haunted Mansion and EPCOT Center books and magazines.

If you would like to follow along with my crazy adventures, you can reach me on Twitter:


Disney Animation fanatic. Pixar aficionado. WDW enthusiast. Passionate about Disney history. Co-host of The Mouse Knows Best Podcast ().
For as long as I can remember, I have been an insane Disney fanatic. I have been to the Walt Disney World Resort just about every year of my life. In my younger days, my family and I collected all the Disney films on VHS, a feat we proudly accomplished. Now I am in the process of getting all the movies on Blu-Ray, DVD, digital copy, by whatever means necessary to preserve the Disney legacy in my family for generations to come. I am the king of the nerds when it comes to Disney trivia. There are so many useless random facts in my head covering all things Disney and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I also take great pride in learning about Disney history and personally try to make sure people never forget the origins of the magic. I admire Walt Disney the man greatly and if I can continue his tremendous legacy in any capacity, I am extremely honored and proud to do so.

Jared McMullen @Hatbox Mouse   

Co-Hosts of The Mouse Knows Best Podcast () Love Disney Parks, Disney History, and just plain DISNEY! Just a big Disney Nerd!         


My name is Jared. Live in Colorado Springs, CO. And I'm a HUGE Disney fan! I am a fan of everything under the "Disney Umbrella". Love Disney Parks and Disney History... But my passion is Disney Park History!

It all began when I was a kid and all I would watch is The Disney Channel. (My mom is also a big Disney fan, so I grew up on some of the old school Disney stuff that were on reruns.)

My first "Disney Trip" was to Disneyland in 1989, when I was 8 years old. And my family would go back year after year (almost). My first trip to Walt Disney World was in 1997, aka: the year of the pink castle for WDW's 25th Anniversary. I've lost track on how may trips I've taken to Disneyland. And I've made 3 trips to WDW. For my wife's and my honeymoon we took our first Disney Cruise on the Disney Fantasy back in December 2015. It was such a magical trip for the both of us. We will be doing more Disney Cruise's for sure!

If you would like to see some of my Disney Randomness, you can follow me at:
Twitter: @hatboxmouse
Instagram: hatbox_mouse


kevin2.jpgKevin Scott

Hey y'all, my name is Kevin, and I currently live in Knoxville, Tennessee. I love all things Disney from the parks to the movies to TV Shows to music, if it has to do with Disney, I'm all about it! One of my favorite things to do in the parks is photograph! You can find all my Disney related pictures on the Instagram handle below!


My love for Disney came from my parents and their love for Disney. I grew up in Tampa, Florida which is about an hour and a half from Orlando, so we had annual passes to Walt Disney World. My earliest memories from the parks are seeing The Legend of the Lion King show at Magic Kingdom, seeing SpectroMagic, and going to the Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party as Woody. Growing up, I was 100% obsessed with Disney, to the point that as a younger child I wouldn't be able to fall asleep unless The Lion King was playing.


We then moved to Knoxville, TN around 12 years ago and that's when I really began to appreciate and become obsessed with Disney as an adult. I think being in Florida made it easier to incorporate Disney into a weekly schedule since it was so close, but moving really opened my eyes as to how lucky I was! Thankfully, we've started going back to Walt Disney World more often, enough so that my girlfriend and myself decided to buy annual passes this past summer!




If I had to do a quick list of Disney favorites it would go as follows:


Movie-The Lion King (but Princess and the Frog is really underrated)


Ride-Tower of Terror


TV Show-Buzz Lightyear of Star Command






Star Wars Movie-The Last Jedi


Star Wars Character-Kylo Ren


Marvel Movie-Captain America: Civil War


Marvel Character-Tony Stark




I'm so glad to be a part of this wonderful team, and hopefully, I can get to know many of you all: the listeners and readers of the blog! You can find me on the TMKB Blog posting pretty routinely, and you can also follow me on the following social media outlets, as I LOVE talking Disney with anyone and love meeting new people:




Instagram-@doubleoh_kevin and @waltdisneyduo

DVC Radio  - Joe Timko   

Co-host and Producer of The Mouse Knows Best Podcast . Host of DVCRadio.