August 23, 2020 TMKB 232 - Andrew Kiste - Walt Disney and the 1964-1965 New Your World’s Fair Great Moments

Episode 232: Andrew Kiste.  Join Host Cody with Justin, Robyn, Joe, and special guest author Andrew Kiste.  We discuss his new book Walt Disney and the 1964-1965 New Your World's Fair Great Moments.  Lets journey back in time and experience the past.  Next stop 1964.  



About Andrew Kiste
When I was in high school, I fell in love with history.
When I was a child, I fell in love with Walt Disney World.

As an adult, I decided I needed to marry my two passions with my dream of becoming a published author. Theme Park Press gave me that opportunity.

In Walt Disney and the 1964-65 New York World's Fair: Great Moments, historian Andrew Kiste celebrates the 55th anniversary of the Fair, by examining the never-before-told story of the relationship between Walt Disney, WED Enterprises, and the State of Illinois, as together they developed "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln" for the Illinois Pavilion at the New York World's Fair. Drawn extensively from archival documents discovered in the Illinois State Archives, as well as first-hand interviews with employees of Illinois 'Land of Lincoln' Pavilion at the Fair, Kiste brings the legendary story of Disney's development of attractions for the Fair to life for the first time!"

With A Historical Tour of Walt Disney World, he offers readers the opportunity to join a tour of the Walt Disney World theme parks, attractions, and resorts. However, rather than pointing out details that add to the story being told or providing the history of the theme park itself, Kiste pulls back the historical curtain to show you what the historical source information was drawn upon.

For example...
-Who was Little Egypt and why was she doing the Hoochie-Koochie in Scene 1 of the Carousel of Progress?
-Should we really "Thank the Phoenicians" for creating our alphabet?
-What dark, often forgotten period of history was the Jungle Cruise based on?
-Did pirates REALLY fit the stereotype created by the famous attraction?

Take a literary tour of the Vacation Kingdom of the World with a history teacher! Edutainment at its best!


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