September 29, 2019 TMKB 188 - The Story Comes Alive

Episode 188: The Story Comes Alive.  Join our host Cody with Kevin, Robyn, and Joe as we are joined by a friend and author Trisha Daab to discuss her latest books.  settle in and join us.     



Trisha Daab is an author, mom/not-so-evil stepmom and food lover. She is the author of multiple books about Disney World: Tasting the Magic from A-Z: The Best Food and Beverages at Walt Disney World; The Not-So-Evil Stepmother in the Most Magical Place on Earth: Planning Your Walt Disney World Family Vacation; and a five-volume series of guides called The Story Comes Alive that help people experience their favorite Disney movies and characters, often in unexpected ways, at Walt Disney World. Trisha has been visiting Disney since the 1980s when she took the first trip at 3 years old. Writing books about Disney World has been the perfect excuse to visit the parks more frequently, eat a lot of Disney food, and get new pictures with Chewy. According to her sons and husband, she takes altogether too many pictures at Disney. You can see a lot of these pics, find out more about her, get updates on her next book, and see that epic 90's hair on Instagram @notsoevil_disneystepmom and on Facebook @authorTrishaDaab


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