April 7, 2019 Episode 164 - The Mouse Knows Best Podcast

Episode 164 - So, to quote Walt Disney himself, …I felt that there should be something built, some kind of website”…and thus, our journey back in time begins… - RETROWDW.  Join host Cody with Elizabeth, Robyn, Jared, Justin, Joe as we welcome back friends of the show, Brian Miles and Howard Bower from RETROWDW.COM podcast.  The Vacation Kingdom of the World, the way it was... and the way it is in your memories...


Over the past few years, there has a been a resurgence in the interest in retro and vintage Disney World. There are many blogs and discussions around the internet that are exploring the history, back-stories, mysteries, and joy that many of us felt so many years ago. I read these blogs and I salute and give a hearty thank you to all those authors out there…The more I read, the more I realized that the blogs were only the tip of the iceberg. There were threads sharing photos of times gone by and people discussing now-defunct attractions. I saw one major problem, all this information is nestled amongst news of DVC construction and the latest Next-Gen Fast Pass… If anyone was to try to find something they’d be searching for years…The design of this website is a bit different than most out there, it takes its cue from the growing social trend an has its roots in software that create a community-based website. Most websites rely on discussion forums and news feeds for content. While we have forums, this site will put more emphasis on our users posting memories, photos, home movies & videos, all of which are displayed on the front page. This is not a one-person show, it's for all of us…


The Lake Buena Vista Historical Society (LBVHS) is established to educate the public on and preserve the history and heritage of the city of Lake Buena Vista, Florida and the neighboring city of Bay Lake, Florida.


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