February 17, 2019 Episode 157 - The Mouse Knows Best Podcast

Episode 157 - Mickey and his friends would travel between their Toontown homes and Disneyland to meet the countless guests that visited the park, before eventually deciding to open their hometown to the public, digging a tunnel through the berm. Join host Cody, Justin, Kevin, Jared, Elizabeth, Robyn, and Joe.  Join us we continue our series Disney's Lands on this trip we visit Mickey's Toontown and Storybook Circus.  The circus has rolled into town! Storybook Circus was inspired by the classic Disney animated film Dumbo. Filled with bright colors, circus posters, and lively music, you will really feel like you just stepped into the movie. As you enter this land, don't forget to look down at the pavement - the circus animals have left behind their footprints, and the elephants even dropped a few peanut shells!



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