December 2, 2018 Episode 147 - The Mouse Knows Best Podcast

Episode 147 - Grab your favorite Disney coffee mug.  Join host Cody, Jenn, Jared, Elizabeth, Kevin, Justin, and Joe with a guest to the show Erick Kanter from Expedition Roasters. - We continue or friends by the fireside discussions by talking about Disneyland Resort.  So settle in and enjoy your coffee. BREW YOUR HAPPY PLACE®



Back in 2014, we started a small online coffee company as a way to help give back to dog rescue organizations through outstanding coffee and unmatched customer service. From that small Trader Sam's Coffee Company we've evolved to Expedition Roasters, where we seek to create the next big thing in coffee by doing something that hadn't been done before. By combining our premium coffees with art and story we pioneered what we call Themed Coffees™. This creation combines all your senses of sight, smell, thought and of course, taste all coming together to create an immersive experience.

The stunning artwork on our bags are created by guest artists and features a tale of adventure making each bag a collectible in and of its self. Each roast is carefully selected to compliment the theme and story of each bag. Expedition Roasters quality is not just a perfectly roasted coffee for your life, but a lifestyle brand of unique goods.

A love of great coffee and a passion for story and art is what sets our coffees apart from the rest. With Expedition Roasters coffee, there's an adventure in every bag.


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