February 25, 2018 EMH Episode 107 - The Mouse Knows Best Podcast

EMH Episode 107 - "Were not taking you up stairs Walt.." - Join our host Joe, with Jared, Elizabeth, Jenn, and Kevin as we take the tempeture with an update on The Further Adventures of Walt's Frozen Head with writer/director Benjamin Lancaster and Daniel Cooksley who plays Peter.  How does he still draw Mickey Mouse?  Thanks for listening.


About The Film:

Playing off the urban legend that Walt Disney had himself cryogenically preserved, a new feature film produced and shot in the Orlando area.
Currently, we’re in post-production, but expect to get the opportunity to see screenings of the film this year!
The Further Adventures of Walt’s Frozen Head is a quirky comedy about the unlikely friendship between the frozen head of Walt and Peter, a low level theme park employee.
During his yearly thaw to oversee the direction of his company and guard his creative legacy, Walt demands to be finally allowed up to see his park, Walt Disney World. When management scoffs, he recruits Peter to kidnap him for a day in the Magic Kingdom.
** The movie was made without the knowledge or permission of the Walt Disney Company or family. It has not been authorised or approved by either and those organizations have no responsibility for its content.
We'll see you real soon!

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